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Friday, August 8, 7:05 pm
Warner Park hosted by the Mallards

North-West (roster) vs East-Southeast (roster)

The 2014 Home Talent All-Star Baseball Game (East & Southeast vs North & West) will be on Friday, August 8 starting at 7:05 pm at Warner Park. It will be a great Friday night where people can come out to the ballpark and enjoy the best baseball talent from South Central Wisconsin. Thanks to the Mallards organization for hosting this great event.

The game will be just like a normal Mallards game. The gates will open 90 minutes prior to the start of the game. Introductions begin at 6:45 pm. There will be on-field promotions between innings;along with all food and beverage options will be available. The one difference from a Mallards game is that all tickets will be general admission for the game. General admission tickets will be sold for $7 each. Please contact your local Home Talent Baseball team to purchase tickets. Tickets are also available through the Mallards ticket office.

The Home Talent League and the Mallards are excited for this year's event, and hope to see you there.

February 18, 2014 - Milton, WI - Doug Welch, manager of the Milton Raptors in the Home Talent Night League, has written an exciting new baseball novel that captures the essence of 1960s-era amateur baseball hustlers and the final season of the Braves in Milwaukee.

The Ashippun Trap A Novel of Baseball and the Milwaukee Braves Final Season, set in Southern Wisconsin’s Rock River amateur baseball league in 1965, was released in January by Texas book publisher Black Rose Writing. The book blends baseball fiction with baseball fact to paint a portrait of life in the Rock River League when teams in small towns such as Ashippun, located near Oconomowoc, routinely drew several hundred fans each Sunday. The popularity of small-town baseball often blurred the lines between amateur and pro players and Rock River League players and team managers could hustle the game for their own financial gain.

The novel intertwines its fictional characters with the path of Gene Oliver, a catcher for the Braves in 1965, to retell the story of that star-crossed, lame duck season at County Stadium.

Welch, who manages the Milton Raptors in the Rock River League and recently ended a 30-year career in journalism, relied on first-hand and newspaper accounts of the Braves’ 1965 season at County Stadium  to recreate  a unique story about the team’s one-of-a-kind final summer in Milwaukee.

“There were a couple of stories I wanted to tell with this book,” Welch said, “not the least of which is the tale of the Braves’ lame duck season in Milwaukee. In terms of fan-team relationships, it is truly one of the most unique circumstances ever seen in professional sports.”

Welch and the Raptors joined the Home Talent Night League for the 2014 season

Welch said the tale of the final year of the Braves in Milwaukee is a story that needs to be kept alive, revisited and retold in as many genres as possible.

“When you talk to young baseball fans in Wisconsin, so few have an appreciation for the importance of the Braves to Milwaukee and Wisconsin,” Welch said. “I’d yet to see that story retold in novel form. If readers can find a renewed appreciation or enthusiasm for that wonderful time in Wisconsin sports, then this book has fulfilled one of its goals.

“I set out to retell the sad story of Braves leaving town through the perspective of the hearts and minds of Wisconsin baseball fans at the time,” Welch said. “I tried to remain true to the era and show how much the Braves meant to the Wisconsin baseball community.”

The result is a humorous and touching nostalgia ride certain to entertain and enlighten any fan of baseball and the Milwaukee Braves.

The book is available to order online from Black Rose Writing at the following link http://www.blackrosewriting.com/sports/the-ashippun-trap

A full synopsis of The Ashippun Trap can be found at the site. The book is also available at the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

Doug Welch lives in Milton and can be contacted for reduced-priced author copies or conversation at 608-359-6516 or welchd39@hotmail.com.

HTL All-Star Game, Friday, July 19, 7:05pm, Warner Park, Madison, Facebook Event

The 2013 Home Talent All-Star Baseball Game (East & Southeast vs North & West) will be on Friday, July 19 starting at 7:05 pm at Warner Park. It will be a great Friday night where people can come out to the ballpark and enjoy the best baseball talent from South Central Wisconsin. Thanks to the Mallards organization for hosting this great event.

The game will be just like a normal Mallards game. The gates will open 90 minutes prior to the start of the game. There will be on-field promotions between innings;along with all food and beverage options will be available. The one difference from a Mallards game is that all tickets will be general admission for the game. General admission tickets will be sold for $7 each. Please contact your local Home Talent Baseball team to purchase tickets. Tickets are also available through the Mallards ticket office.

The Home Talent League and the Mallards are excited for this year's event, and hope to see you there.

June 2013 - Waunake, WI - Kent Adler will be inducted into the Madison Mallard’s Wall of Fame on Friday, July 5th during pre-game ceremonies of the Mallard’s game.  He is truly appreciative to receive this honor! 

He may have played ball with you, coached you, coached with you, coached your sons, had a few conversations with you if you are an umpire or had a few beers with you in the stands lately.  He will be recognized for playing baseball himself, coaching, organizing, fundraising and directing little league, legion, high school, Waunakee Home Talent and the entire Home Talent League of 43 teams.

Here are some of the awards and recognitions he’s received personally for his contributions and dedication to baseball:

  • Numerous awards during high school years at Waunakee.

  • Inducted into the Madison Area Technical College Hall of Fame in 1991 where he played baseball and basketball from 1970 to 1972.

  • 1989 & 2012 “Cloyance Zweifel Award” to recognize his Home Talent League services throughout the year.

  • “Waunakee Sportsperson of the Year” in 1988 to recognize his contributions to sports in the Waunakee community.

  • Home Talent Baseball League “Co-Manager of the Year” in 1984, 1996 & 2003.  He had 504 wins during his Home Talent Coaching Career.

  • Honored by WISC TV Channel 3 as the “HOMETOWN HERO-2003” for his volunteerism and contributions to the Waunakee community.

  • Selected as the “Waunafest Parade Marshall” in 2007 for his dedication and contributions to Waunakee Baseball.

  • Inductee to the “Mallard’s Wall of Fame” in 2013.

Game time is 7:05PM on Friday, July 5th.  

HTL All-Star Game - Friday, August 3, 7:05 pm, Warner Park
Event on Facebook

The 2012 Home Talent All-Star Baseball Game (East & Southeast vs North & West) will be on Friday, August 3 starting at 7:05 pm at Warner Park. It will be a great Friday night where people can come out to the ballpark and enjoy the best baseball talent from South Central Wisconsin. Thanks to the Mallards organization for hosting this great event.

The game will be just like a normal Mallards game. The gates will open 90 minutes prior to the start of the game. There will be on-field promotions between innings; along with all food and beverage options will be available. The one difference from a Mallards game is that all tickets will be general admission for the game. General admission tickets will be sold for $7 each. Please contact your local Home Talent Baseball team to purchase tickets. Tickets are also available through the Mallards ticket office.

2011 HTL All-Star Game (East & Southeast vs North & West)
Friday, July 29 starting at 7:05 pm at Warner Park in Madison

The North/West all-stars appeared to be ready to claim their first Home Talent All-Star game win Friday at the Duck Pond at Warner Park but a late rally by the East/Southeast prevented that from happening.

The E/SE squad trailed 5-1 after seven innings but a seven run eighth sent them to a 10-6 win.

Stoughton’s Dave Hanson greeted Monroe pitcher Cody Boals with a double, advanced on a wild pitch and scored on a ground out by Jay Gugel. Back to back doubles by Poynette’s Anthony Mabrey and DeForest’s Andrew Handorf created another run.

Jefferson’s Justin Thiede doubled for two more runs after Evansville’s Danny Crans coaxed a walk. Singles by Lodi’s Kelby Mack, Monona’s Dan Gugel and Utica’s Kyle Bates added another. Hanson’s two run singled ended the seven run rally.

The E/SE got its first run in the fourth when Deerfield’s Keith Woodstock led off the fourth with a singled, advanced on a sacrifice bunt by Sun Prairie’s Mike Engelhart and scored on a double by Waterloo’s Tyler Sellnow.

The final two E/SE runs came in the ninth. Crans reached on a fielders choice, Thiede walked and Kelby Mack and Dan Gugel followed with rbi singles.

The N/W scored three runs in the fifth. Wiota’s Cory Tuescher led off with a single and moved up on a sacrifice bunt by Ridgeway’s Aaron Calvert. Ashton’s Kevin Brink walked and Sauk Prairie’s Trent Sorg drove in both with a double. Dodgeville’s Eric Rohowetz then doubled off the wall in left center to send in Sorg.

The N/W scored in the seventh. Verona’s Danny Koss walked to open
the frame and Richland Center’s Aaron Beranek was hit by a pitch. Argyle’s Travis Erickson then sent in Koss with a single. The final N/W run scored in the ninth. Beranek walked and scored with Wiota’s Brock Bidlingmeier doubled.


Joey Lieberman, lf, 1-0-0, Keith Woodstock, lf, 2-1-1, Anthony Mabrey, lf, 2-1-1, Mike Engelhart, rf, 1-0-0, Andrew Handorf, rf, 3-1-2, Tyler Sellnow, cf, 2-0-1, Danny Crans,cf, 2-2-0, Drew Barman, 3b, 2-0-1, Justin Thiede, 3b, 2-2-1, Christian Skokstad, c, 2-0-0, Kelby Mack, c, 2-1-2, Jesse Appel, dh, 1-0--0, Jason Kollwelter, dh, 1-0-0, Dan Gugel, dh, 3-0-2, Ty Martin, 1b, 0-0-0, Josh Eastman, 1b, 1-0-0, Kyle Bates, 1b, 3-0-1, Adrian Flores, ss, 2-0-1, Dave Hanson, ss, 2-1-2, Josh Crandall, 2b, 2-0-0, Jay Gugel, 2b, 2-0-0.
Totals 38-10-15
2b-Mabrey, Handorf, Sellnow, Thiede, Flores, Hanson

Matt Brabender, 2b, 1-0-1, Cory Tuescher, 2b, 2-1-1, Nick Meier, 2b, 1-0-0, Bryce Barsness, c, 2-1-1, Aaron Calvert, c, 1-0-0, Ken Allen, c, 1-0-0, Cody Simon, 3b, 2-0-0, Kevin Brink, 3b, 0-1-0, Danny Koss, 3b, 1-1-0, Trent Sorg, rf, 1-0-1, Aaron Beranek rf, 2-2-1, Cole Payne, dh, 2-0-1, Eric Rohowetz, dh, 1-0-1, Danny Sullivan p, 1-0-0, Brock Bidlingmeier, p, 1-0-1, Beau Dobson, 1b, 1-0-0, Jake Green, 1b, 1-0-0, Travis Erickson, 1b, 1-0-0, Cole Cook, ss, 1-0-0, Trevor Kattre, ss, 2-0-1, Ryan Mielke, ss, 1-0-0, Trevor Theobald, cf, 1-0-0, Jordan Zirbel, cf, 3-0-0, Clint Williams, lf, 1-0-0, Shane Johnson, lf, 3-0-1.
Totals 34-6-11
2b-Sorg, Rohowetz, Beranek, Bidlingmeier E-E/SE 0, N/W 2


EAST-SOUTHEAST (innings pitched, runs, earned runs, hits, walks, strikeouts0 Tom Klug, 1-1-1-2-0-1, Ben Riffle, 1-0-0-0-0-1, Kyle Virchow, 1-0-0-1-1-1, Brandon Hempsted 1-0-0-2-0-2, Matt Drefahl, 1-3-3-3-1-2, Kyle Mack, 1-0-0-1-0-1, Anthony Bortz (w), 1-1-1-1-1-0, Curtis Haberman, 2-1-0-1-0-1

NORTH/WEST Matt Nyffenegger 1-0-0-0-0-1, Lucas Hoeschle 1-0-0-0-0-2, Trevor Berndt 1-0-0-0-1-1, Jake Overlein 1-1-1-2-0-1, Andy Chitwood, 1-0-0-1-0-1, Danny Sullivan, 2-0-0-0-0-3, Cody Boals (l) 1-7-7-8-1-0, Brock Bidlingmeier 1-2-2-3-1-1.

2011 HTL All-Star Game (East & Southeast vs North & West)
Friday, July 29 starting at 7:05 pm at Warner Park in Madison
General Admission tickets are $7 each. Contact your local HTL team or the Mallards ticket office. HTL All-Star Game Event on Facebook

The Southeast/East all-stars will be looking to defend their win in last year's game when they face the West/North stars Friday at 7:05 in the Duck Pond.
Players can start arriving at 5 p.m. There will be warm ups, pre- game infield and outfield followed by introductions. A special ceremony where the family of the late James Doyle will throw out the first ball will take place along with the National Anthem. James is a former Verona player who lost his life this past year to a rare blood disease. He was a class player when he played second base for the Cavaliers.

The Mallards will provide between inning activities, as they do for regular Mallards games.

Following the game the all-stars will be guests of the Madison Dug- Out Club at a post game party featuring food and beverages. Non- players and fans can attend for $10.00 each.

Each all-star has four tickets in their name which will be available at the will-call window. Tickets for the game are on sale for $7.00 each at the gate.

There will also be a 50/50 raffle held to help offset expenses umpire Steve Phillips incurred when he became dehydrated and ended up with his kidneys shutting down. He has a huge medical/hospital bill with no insurance. The Home Talent League wants to help him, thus the raffle.
Donations can be made for Steve from teams and individuals by contacting Kent Adler, HTL Treasurer.

Encourage your team and fans to attend this game and enjoy Mallards hospitality along with some great baseball.

From the Wisconsin State Journal, October 10, 2010 - WAUNAKEE -- Verona pitchers Ben Wallace and Matt Niffenegger were named the co-most valuable players for their performances during the 2010 Home Talent Baseball League playoffs, propelling the Cavaliers to their third straight championship.

The pitchers received the Bud Johnson Memorial Trophy during the league's annual banquet at Rex's Innkeeper Sunday night that celebrated Home Talent's 82nd season.

Named regular season MVPs were Tyler Peterson of Ridgeway in the West Section, Bryan Wallace of Fort Atkinson in the Southeast, Brandon Hemstead of DeForest in the East, and Paul Lenerz of Sauk Prairie in the North.

All four received gold watches sponsored by The Capital Times and the Wisconsin State Journal, as did the four batting champions for the 2010 campaign: Peterson of Ridgeway (.462) in the West; Keith McFarlane of Lake Mills (.472) in the Southeast, Marc Burbach of Waterloo (.494) in the East, and Lenerz of Sauk Prairie (.519) in the North.

Dave Adler of Ashton and Gabe Haberkorn of DeForest were named regular season managers of the year while longtime Verona manager Dale Bergenske received the honors for the round-robin playoffs. Verona went undefeated in the postseason to capture the championship trophy and pennant over McFarland from the Southeast, DeForest from the East and Sauk Prairie from the North.

The Home Talent's Night League winners were Orfordville in the South Section, Stoughton in the East, Ashton in the Central, and Sauk Prairie in the West.

Umpire Romie Cherney of Monroe received the annual Bud Kenison "umpire of the year" award while the annual Cloyance Zweifel award for dedicated service to the Home Talent went to Roger Millar of Albion, who has long supported local teams.

Jeff Adas of Orfordville received the Jim Peterson Memorial Award for service to his team, Kevin Freymiller of the Wisconsin State Journal received the Joe Dommershausen Memorial Award for promoting HTL baseball and pitchers Lucas Hoeshling of Black Earth and Cody Boals of Monroe received the Kendall Murray Memorial Award for outstanding pitching during the regular season.

In a surprise, the Dennis Morgan Memorial Award for showing courage in face of adversity was presented to the HTL's commissioner, Pat Reilly, who has undergone some health problems.

Reilly presented the annual commissioner's award to Steve Schmitt, the owner of the Madison Mallards, for hosting the annual HTL All-Star game at Warner Park and otherwise boosting Home Talent baseball. Umpire Coordinator, Tom Kammerude, received a Commissioner's Award for his service to the league.

Home Talent League Awards

Bud Kenison Memorial Award
This award is presented annually by the Home Talent Umpire Coordinator to the person chosen as the Umpire of the Year. Bud Kenison umpired in the Home Talent League for many years and was a favorite of managers, players and fans for his hard work, hustle, dedication to the game and his warm personality. He was an umpire who did a good job at any level he worked.

Cloyance Zweifel Memorial Award
This award is presented annually by Dave Zweifel in memory of his father. Cloyance Zweifel was a key person in keeping Home Talent Baseball alive in his community of New Glarus. He was also a respected businessman and a real backer of local and Wisconsin athletics. The award goes to a person who shows similar dedication to Home Talent League baseball.

Jim Peterson Memorial Award
This award is presented in memory of a former player, manager and HTL board member who died while officiating a basketball game several years ago. Jim Peterson was a fine example of everything that is good about Home Talent Baseball . This award goes to a manager who has distinguished himself through his dedication and service to his team and to the HTL.

Joe Dommershausen Memorial Award
This award is presented in memory of Joe Dommershausen who was one of the founders of the Pure Home Talent Baseball League in 1929. He also played for Cross Plains. Joe was a sportswriter with the Wisconsin State Journal who covered Home Talent Baseball for over 40 years. He died in 1994 and served as League Statistician until his death. The award goes to a person who has done an exemplary job of promoting Home Talent Baseball.

Dennis Morgan Memorial Award
This award is presented in memory of Dennis Morgan, an extraordinary man who played Home Talent Baseball at Dodgeville, Richland Center and Middleton. He was a renowned player during the 1960's to 1980's and was an All-American second baseman at Winona State University. He went on to coach basketball at Wonewoc, Richland Center and Middleton and took a Middleton team to the State Basketball Tournament. He also coached golf. He later served on Bo Ryan's basketball staff at UW-Platteville.

Dennis died of stomach cancer and fought the disease as courageously as anyone could. The award is presented for someone who has shown similar courage in the face of adversity.

Kendall Murray Memorial Award
This award is presented in memory of Kendall Murray, one of the finest young pitchers in Home Talent Baseball in the 1970's. Kendall pitched the Dodgeville Home Talent Team to the league championship in 1972. Unfortunately, he met an untimely death a year later after pitching for Dodgeville in an HTL game. He was killed in a jeep roll-over later that night.

Kendall was a great young man and always wanted the ball in his hands. He was a record setter at UW-Platteville and was so highly regarded the Pioneers playing field is known as Kendall Murray Field.

This award goes to an outstanding pitcher in the league who shows the same love of pitching that Kendall did.

East/SE stars take two in a row

The West/North Home Talent All-Star team will have to wait another year to offer proof they can prove dominance because for the second straight year it did not happen at the annual event.

The East/Southeasts followed last year's 8-3 win with an 8-4 victory in the game played at Warner Park's home of the Madison Mallards Duck Pond. A two run third followed by a four run fourth took care of that. Sun Prairie's Pedro Lopez, serving as a designated hitter, tacked the first two runs on the board for the visitors when he ripped a single that scored Waterloo's Marc Burbach and DeForest's Matt Kabele. Burbach started it with a double and Kabele walked before Lopez unloaded. The East/Southeast added four runs in the fourth and two more in the ninth. Two bases loaded walks, a passed ball and a fielders choice netted the runs. The two in the ninth were the result of an error, a walk and a fielders choice. Lodi's Drew Ryan added an rbi single to the final frame. The West/North got a single by Middleton catcher Eric Simon a walk, a fielders choice and an error for their two runs in the fourth. Verona's AJ Stoffels singled, advanced on and error and scored on a wild pitch. Mazomanie's Jon Adair singled with two outs in the ninth and scored on a single by Argyle's Jon Wild to cap the scoring.

The traditional rivalry will pick up where it left off next season.


East/Southeast 0 0 2 4 0 0 0 0 2 8R 11H 2E
West/North 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 4R 6H 1E


East/Southeast Hitting

Burbach cf 2-1-1
Krigbaum cf 2-0-0
Rasmussen cf 1-1-0
Kabele ss 1-1-1
Tuschen ss 2-0-1
Klug ss 1-0-1
Ramsden lf 2-0-1
Woodstock lf 1-0-0
Everson lf 2-1-0
Lopez dh 2-0-1
Engler dh 2-0-1
Hanson 3b 0-0-0
J. Bortz 3b 2-1-2
Ryan 3b 2-0-1
Folbrecht 1b 1-0-0
Witkowski 1b 1-1-0
Brakmanis 1b 2-0-0
Maves c 1-0-0
Wallace c 1-1-0
Massey c 1-0-1
Raether rf 2-0-0
Wollom rf 1-0-0
Krenz 1b 0-0-0
O'Connor 2b 2-1-0
Golston 2b 1-0-0
Flores 2b 1-0-0
TOTALS 36-8-11

2b-Burbach, Kabele, Tuschen

Pitching Summary
Hempstead 1 ip 1K 0Bb 2H 0R 0Er
Flores 1 ip 1K 0BB 1H 0R 0Er
Mack (W) 1 ip 0K 0BB 0H 0R 0Er
A Bartz 1 ip 0K 0Bb 1H 2R 1Er
Dean 1 ip 2K 1BB oH 0R 0Er
Cox 1 ip 3K 0BB 1H 1R 0Er
Radloff 1 ip 2K 0BB 1H 0R 0Er
Nanstad 2 ip 3K 2BB 2H 1R 1Er

West/North Hitting

Brunson ss 2-0-0
Adair ss 2-1-0
Doescher c 1-0-0
E. Simon c 2-1-1
Murphy c 2-0-1
Schultz dh 1-0-0
R. Hellenbrand dh 1-0-0
Wild dh 2-0-1
Schliem lf 2-0-1
Stoffels lf 2-1-1
K. Simon cf 2-1-0
Duhr cf-p 2-0-0
Acker rf 2-0-0
Hahn rf 1-0-0
Stamm 1b 2-0-0
Sullivan p-1b 1-0-0
Cushman 1b 1-0-0
Marks 3b 1-0-0
Capener 3b 2-0-0
Rear 2b 2-0-0
Kattre 2b 2-0-1
TOTALS 35-4-6




Pitching Summary
Duhr 1 ip 0K 0BB 2H 0R 0Er
Kurschner 1 ip 1K 1BB 0H 0R 0Er
Baumann (L) 1 ip 0K 1BB 2H 2R 2Er
Sullivan 1 ip 3K 0 4BB 1H 4R 3Er
Chitwood 1 ip 0K 1BB 1H 0R 0Er
Budden 1 ip 0K 0BB 1H 0R 0Er
Maier 1 ip 0K 0BB 0H 0R 0Er
Lindner 2 ip 1K 1BB 4H 2R 0Er

2010 Home Talent All-Star Game

The Madison Mallards and the Home Talent Baseball League are presenting the third annual Home Talent All-Star game at the Duck Pond, Warner Park. First pitch will be thrown at 7:05 p.m. Friday, July 16. The gates open 90 minutes before game time. Tickets can be secured in advance by contacting Aaron Reinen, Madison Mallards ticket sales and operations manager, 608-246-4277. Tickets are also available at the gate the day of the game. There will be a color guard and a singer for the National Anthem. A first pitch ceremony is also planned. The North/West team will be home team for the game.

2010 Home Talent League All-Stars

Albion-Mike Nanstad (p), Ben Everson (of)
Cambridge-Adam Flores (p), Travis Galston (u)
Deerfield-Keith Woodstock (inf)
Evansville-Mike Maves (c), Jeremy Rasmussen (u)
Fort Atkinson-Bryan Wallace (c), Dan Dean (p)
Jefferson-Chris Folbrecht (inf), Brian Klug (u)
McFarland-Ed Feldner (inf)
Orfordville-Joe Cox (p)
Stoughton-Eric Engler (dh), Dave Hanson (u)
Utica-Mickey Ramsden (of)
Columbus-Alex O'Connor (inf)
Cottage Grove-Dave Paulus (of)
DeForest-Brandon Hempstead (p), Matt Kabele (inf)
Lodi-Kyle Mack (p), Drew Ryan (u)
Marshall-Brandon Witkowski (inf)
Monona-Erik Massey (c), Elliot Brakmanis (dh)
Poynette-Aaron Krigbaum (of)
Rio-Anthony Bortz (inf), Joe Bortz (p)
Sun Prairie-Pedro Lopez (dh), Travis Tuschen (u)
Waterloo-Marc Burbach (of), Ryan Radloff (p)
Managers-Scott Knorr (Sun Prairie), Jim Roethel (Fort Atkinson)
Bat Boy-Robbie Knorr (Sun Prairie)

Ashton-Eric Duhr (p)
Black Earth-Rob Capener (inf), Lucas Hoeschele (p)
Cross Plains-Tyler Fuhrman (inf/p), Kyle Simon (of)
Mazomanie-Jon Adair (inf)
Middleton-Brandon Hellenbrand (dh), Eric Simon (inf/c)
Pine Bluff-Cory Stamn (inf) Plain-Rusty Meyer (p)
Reedsburg-Steve Hedgepath (p)
Richland Center-Andy Chitwood (p)
Waunakee-Joel Acker (of), Jim Marks (inf)
Argyle-Jon Wild (inf), Jarret Bauman (p)
Blanchardville-Troy Ruegsegger (u)
Dodgeville-Jay Lindner (p), Danny Sullivan (p-inf)
Hollandale-Jerry Doescher (c), Quinn Schultz (inf)
Monroe-Justin Hahn (of-p) New Glarus-Griffin Rear (inf)
Platteville-Nick Budden (p), Trevor Kattre (inf-of)
Ridgeway-Ray Hubbard (of), Tyler Peterson (of)
Verona-AJ Stoffels (of), Derek Murphy (c)
Wiota-Merrill Brunson (inf), Brad Schliem (of)
Managers-Stan Nonn (Cross Plains), Dale Burgenske (Verona)

Kent Adler (Waunakee)
Pat Reilly (Dodgeville)
Matt Towns (Albion)


The 2010 annual meeting of the Home Talent Baseball League will be held SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21 at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee at 1 p.m. All teams must have a representative present or there will be a fine levied. If you are not having a team this season please notify us immediately. The Executive Board will meet at 11:45 a.m. prior to the annual meeting. If you want to speak to the board please notify HTL President Pat Reilly prior to the meeting so adequate time can be built into the board meeting for discussion. The HTL realignment committee met and provided two proposals for the board to consider. The selected alignment for 2010 follows this notice. Schedules will be available at the annual meeting based on this alignment. Those making the schedules for the respective sections are Pat Reilly (West and South and West Night League), Kent Adler (North and Central Night League), Jim Winter (Southeast), Matt Towns (East Night League) and Steve Plenty (Eastern Section). If you have not already provided them with special date request, do so now.

For future planning the All-Star Game is being requested to be played Friday, July 16 at Warner Park (The Duck Pond). The NBC will be July 16-17 at Sauk, July 23-24 at Verona and July 30-31 at Sauk.

East/Southeast takes first all-star game win

July 31, 2009 Madison, WI - Before an announced crowd of 2,077 Home Talent Baseball fans, the combined squad of East and Southeast players outslugged the West and Northwest squad 8-3 in the annual All-Star baseball game hosted by the Madison Mallards Friday night.

The East/Southeast found the Duck Pond an inviting place to play as they outhit the West/North 11-8. After a two out home run by Middleton's Josh Hinson on a 2-1 pitch in the first inning the E/SE squad battled back with two runs in the third and never trailed again. The two runs came on a double by Cambridge outfielder P.J. Stilling that sent in Columbus shortstop John Cromie who had singled and Lodi pitcher Kyle Mack who had reached on an error.

The E/SE scored again in the top of the fourth when Lodi right fielder Tyler Kurt singled, advanced on an infield out and scored on a single to right by Waterloo catcher Justin Sellnow.

The W/N team responded with a run in the fourth on a long home run to left center by Reedsburg first baseman Chris Rosholt.

E/SE came up with two more runs in the fifth. Fort Atkinson pitcher Chris Koepke reached on a fielder's choice, DeForest outfielder Julian Edwards walked and Cottage Grove outfielder Derek Rice drove both in with a single.

The W/N team got its final run in the fifth. Dodgeville second baseman Gary James singled, advanced on an error and scored on a fielder's choice by Cross Plains outfielder Shamus Terry.

The E/SE scored a run in each of the final three frames of the eight inning game. Their run in the sixth was scored by Waterloo's Marc Burbach who walked, took second when Evansville catcher Brent Cashore was hit by a pitch, got to third on a single by Cottage Grove first baseman Chad Yittri and scored on a bases loaded walk to Poynette
shortstop Kory Ryan.

Orfordville outfield B.J. Cook rifled a shot over the left field wall for a solo home run in the seventh. The final E/SE run came in the eighth when Stoughton third baseman Dave Hanson singled, advanced on an error and scored on a hit by Rio pitcher Jon Bortz.

Extra base hits for the E/SE were Cook's home run and Stilling's double. Home runs by Hinson and Rosholt were the extra base knocks for the W/N squad.

Prior to the game Richland Center's Vern Geishert threw out the first pitch. Gieshert, a former Major Leaguer who logged innings for the Cincinnatti Reds and Houston Astros, helps manage the Richland Center Rockets and still sees occasional action on the mound. Wisconsin State Journal sportswriter Kevin Freymiller was an honorary
coach for the W/N squad.


East/Southeast Hitting

Soriano cf 2-1-0
Edwards cf 1-0-0
Raether cf 1-0-0
Stilling lf 2-0-1
Rice lf 1-0-1
Cook lf 1-1-1
Vike 2b 2-0-0
Lange 2b 2-0-0
Gross dh 2-0-0
Vaade dh 2-0-0
Kurt rf 2-1-2
Burbach rf 2-1-0
Sellnow c 2-0-1
Cashore c-p 0-0-0
Ellefson c 1-0-0
Acterburg 1b 1-0-0
Yittri 1b 2-0-1
Tomlinson ph 1-0-0
Crombie ss 1-1-1
Ryan ss 2-0-1
Najacht p 0-0-0
Mack p 1-1-0
Nanstad p 0-0-0
Koepke p 0-1-0
Bortz p 2-0-1
TOTALS 36-8-11

HR-Cook (solo in 7th)

Stilling 2, Rice 2, Cook 1, Sellnow 1

West/North Hitting

Brunner rf 2-0-0
Terry rf 2-0-1
Burgenske cf 2-0-0
Gordon cf 1-0-0
Hinson lf 2-1-1
Spenser lf 2-0-0
Lancaster 3b 1-0-1
Hanna 3b 3-0-0
Koenig c 1-0-0
Marks c 1-0-0
Drone c 1-0-0
Hewuse 1b 1-0-0
Rosholt 1b 1-1-1
E. James dh 1-0-1
Scheuerell dh 1-0-0
Schneider c 1-0-0
Tuescher 2b 1-0-1
G. James 2b 2-1-1
Kattre ss 1-0-0
Janecke ss 2-0-0
Wallace p 0-0-0
Arneson p 0-0-0
Shaefer ph 1-0-1
Overline p 0-0-0
McKeon ph 1-0-0
Lambert p 0-0-0
Haas p 0-0-0
Haack p 0-0-0
TOTALS 29-3-8

HR-Hinson (solo in first), Rosholt (solo in 4th)

Hinson 1, Rosholt 1, Terry 1

East/Southeast Pitching


Hit Batters: Bortz 1, Cashore 1

West/North Pitching


Hit Batters: Lambert 1


The 2009 Home Talent League All-Star Game is Friday, July 31 at The Duck Pond (Warner Park) in Madison at 7:00 p.m. The event is sponsored jointly by the Home Talent Baseball League and the Madison Mallards Northwoods League team. For tickets, please contact your local Home Talent team or the Mallards.












April, 2009 - 2009 HTL Catch and Carry Rule

1) Both feet have to be in live ball territory for a catch and out to be made.
2) If ball is caught in live ball territory and carried to dead ball territory, batter runner is out.
3) If ball is caught in live ball territory and carried to dead ball territory and fielder falls down, batter runner is out, but ball is declared dead and all runners advance one base.
4) Once ball is caught and carried to dead ball territory to make a throw on the play, the fielder must come back into live ball territory to throw.
5) If throw is made from dead ball territory, ball it declared dead and all runners are awarded one base.

July 13, 2008, Madison, WI - HTL All-Stars beat Military All-Stars 5-2

Game Video

The Home Talent League All-Stars used a six pitcher mound staff to hold the Military All-Stars to two hits enroute to a 5-2 win at The Duck Pond Sunday night. The game was held as part of the Northwoods All-Star Game festivities which is hosted this year by the Madison Mallards.

Argyle's Ben Wallace pitched the first two innings, giving up one hit and striking out two. The batter who got the one hit was retired on a pick-off move.

Ashton's Craig Meier, Utica's Matt Dwyer and Blanchardville's Josh Hathaway all worked scoreless innings. The Military All-Stars got to McFarlands' Cory Schuchardt for two runs in the sixth on an error and an rbi single by second baseman Ray Judy. Poynette's Kory Ryan pitched a scoreless seventh.

Fort Atkinson shortstop Brandon Krigbaum singled with one out in the first, stole second, took third on a throwing error and scored on a single by Middleton centerfielder Josh Hinson for the first run for the HTL All-Stars.

Black Earth designated hitter Paul Schlimgen walked to lead off the second and eventually scored on a wild pitch.

Waterloo outfielder Tyler Sellnow walked to open the third and Lake Mills shortstop PJ Stilling reached on an error to set up two more runs. Sellnow scored on a wild pitch and Stilling came home on a single by Middleton DH Tim Cleary.

The final run by the HTL stars came in the fourth. Black Earth outfielder Michael Brunner singled, and Marshall shortstop Todd Grossman plated him with another single.

The Military Stars are made up of active duty servicemen from the various branches of service. They "barnstorm" the country at their own expense and are subject to deployment at any time.

All 42 HTL teams were invited to send a representative to the All-Star game.

July 7, 2008 - The Home Talent League All-Stars will play the US Military All-Stars (www.usmilitaryallstars.us) Sunday, July 13 at Warner Park as part of the Northwoods All-Star Game festivities. The Madison Mallards are hosting the Northwoods League All-Star game on Monday, July 14. The Mallards are asking players to report to Warner Park by 5 p.m. Pre-game warm-ups begin about 5:30 followed by introductions and the game at 6:05 p.m. The game will be seven innings. Each player receives four free tickets and can get them from the Mallards. Additional tickets for the game are on sale for $4.00 each. Every team in the league received information on how to obtain tickets along with general information on the game.

Ben Wallace--Argyle
Josh Hathaway--Blanchardville
Eric Wollin--Lake Mills
Ryan Von Haden--Stoughton
Matt Dwyer--Utica
Cory Schuchart--McFarland
Matt Hill--Waunakee
Craig Meier--Ashton
Jeremy Horkan--Reedsburg

Marty Johnson--Albion
Derik Daggett--Cottage Grove
Kasey Feiner--Sun Prairie
Stein Rear--New Glarus
Rooney Janecke--Monroe
Davy Tomlinson--Poynette

First Base
Dan Crombie--Columbus
Pat Moore--Orfordville
Jason Mackey--Whitewater
Tim Cleary--Middleton
Ben Greiber--Waunakee
Lewis Veith--Richland Center
Kevin Oimoen--Ridgeway

Second Base
John Duerst--Ashton
Brad Knickmeier--Utica

James James--Plain
Brandon Krigbaum--Fort Atkinson
PJ Stilling--Lake Mills
Todd Grossman--Marshall

Third Base
Aaron Lancaster--Wiota
Kory Ryan--Poynette
Matt Peetz--Verona

Left Field
Paul Schlimgen--Black Earth
Brad D'Orazio--Pine Bluff
Derek Rice--Cottage Grove
Adrian Flores--Cambridge

Center Field
Derek Burgenske--Verona
Josh Hinson--Middleton
Michael Brunner--Black Earth
Dan Gugel--Monona
Ryan Pollesch--Rio
Tyler Sellnow--Waterloo
Brandon Ihm--Hollandale

Right Field
Scott Hauge--Mazomanie
Jeremy Rasmussen--Evansville
Brandon Peyer--Reedsburg
Gary James--Dodgeville

Vern Geishert--Richland Center

Saturday, April 19, 2008 - From League Sectional Meetings:


"A player may be ejected for various reasons in the course of a game.
Reports will be filed on each ejection with the league president who
will then share the reports with the executive board. Reports will be
REQUIRED from both managers and the umpires working the game. A part of
the report will include an assessment of the ejection with the question
"does this incident warrant further penalty?" If the majority of those
reporting feel that the player acted in a professional manner and left
the field without comment or incident, there will be no further action
taken. If the majority feels a further suspension should be levied
there will be further penalty. Also, if a player is ejected more than
once in a season there will be at least an automatic one game
suspension. Reports must be field by Monday and all appeals will be
handled by Thursday."

Managers--discuss this with your players and lets see if we can have a
zero ejection season.


The Major Leagues have adopted a rule that all base coaches must have a
helmet on to coach the bases. We play under Major League rules,
however, we will operate this season under the following:
The Home Talent League Executive Board strongly recommends that all base
coaches were a protective helmet while coaching the bases. This is only
a recommendation for 2008 but will be studied for following seasons.
Tell your base coaches to stay alert at all times while on the field.


This will be held in conjunction with the Madison Mallards who will host
the Northwoods League all-star game this season. The HTL web site will
keep teams updated and announce the criteria for selection along with
expectations of how the league will support this event. Pat Reilly and
Kent Adler will co-chair this event for the HTL.


Call your games in to the Wisconsin State Journal by 5:45 p.m. Sundays
and immediately after your games at night and for Night League. Teams
not observing the deadlines or not calling in at all are subject to
fines. The toll free number to call is 1-800-686-1339. The local call
is 252-6170. We are fortunate to have coverage in a daily paper so make
sure you respect that and call in your games on time. Games played on
dates other than Sunday that are called in Sunday will only have a score
reported if there is space available.
The Capital Times is going to a web based product this week. I
anticipate they will be covering the league as well and I will keep you
updated on what they expect from us to help them cover our league.


The deadlne for adding players or for players to move to a different
roster/team is July 1. After that, rosters will be final. All second
half fees are also due to be paid by July 1.


League statistician Jerry Murphy has announced the following at bat
requirements for consideration for the sectional batting titles. This
is figured on a minimum number of AT - BATS and NOT PLATE APPEARANCES. The Eastern Section plays 18 games and has a 54 at bat minimum. The
Western Section plays 16 games and has a 48 at bat minimum. The North
and Southeast play 16 weeks but have a different amount of byes as they
play as two divisions. The minimum for both is 45 at bats.


The following rule changes were adopted at the 2008 Annual Meeting.

The Umpire Coordinator will be hired to serve for the same length of
time as the umpire salary agreement (currently 3 years). The employment
of the Umpire Coordinator can be terminated at any time. Either party
can notify the other in writing 30 days before the actual ending of

College Players without permanent addresses within the boundary of the
league must establish residency in the league on an annual basis until
they graduate or their eligibility is completed. At that time they must
have residence within the boundaries of the league like any other
player. They will not be grandfathered into the league for one year
after leaving college.

Teams who are on inactive status have five years to be reinstated before
their franchise is terminated. Teams can apply for reactivation within
those five years but may not be guaranteed a spot in the league until
there is an opening through attrition or realignment.

*The following will be taken into account for new teams applying for
league membership

1-There must be a vacancy in the league and in a section
2-The applying team must be able to demonstrate the ability to field a
team (playing or played in Night Leage. Town has good baseball tradition) 3-Affect on other teams in the league (will it weaken other teams for
force a team to go inactive)
4-Ability to show financial strength
5-Guarantee of longevity (Current requirement is three years) 6-Distance for other teams to play or to secure umpires 7-Condition, acceptability of playing field

A friendly request to HTL Teams with pocket schedules:
Dick Niesen of Madison collects pocket schedules from all types of sport leagues. If you have any current or past pocket schedules to share with him, please contact him at dsniesen@charter.net.

August 11, 2007

Adlers honored

Home Talent League Treasurer Kent Adler and his wife, Linda, were the
grand marshals for the Waunakee Waunafest recently. They presided over
the weekend activities.

Night League Hitting Leaders Needed

Night League batting titles will be presented at the Home Talent League
Awards Banquet set for Sunday, October 14. Send the leading hitter from
your team to Pat Reilly, HTL President via email, phone or mail Please
have your hitting leaders reported by September 1.

August 8, 2007 - Home Talent League umpire and Umpire Coordinator Dave Thom has been selected to umpire in the Little League World Series. He will be on the field when the Series starts August 19 and should be seen umpiring every day. Tune in and watch Dave umpire on National TV in a very prestigious tournament.

April 26, 2007 - Message from Pat Reilly, HTL President:
New managers along with veteran managers are reminded it is a league requirement to report the results of our games, both Sunday and Night League, to the Wisconsin State Journal. You are also required to report your box score to League Stats person Jerry Murphy. To report to the Wisconsin State Journal call 1-800-686-1339 by 5:30 on Sunday or as soon after a non-Sunday or night game as possible. Have your line score, runs-hits-errors, pitching info, strikeouts, leading hitters and extra base hits ready so the whole procedure will not take over 5 minutes. Home managers or a designated representative are the ones responsible for making the call. To report to Jerry Murphy, email him at mjmurphy@sdgmadison.com as soon as possible after a game. Have first and last names on what you report. He needs full name, at bats and hits. There is a fine for not reporting to the Journal or to Jerry Murphy. Reporting scores and stats is a responsibility connected with playing in the best baseball league in existence. You are also strongly urged to report your scores to any other news/sports source that covers your area. Channel 3 and Channel 15 will run scores. I provide them a recap every scheduled Sunday, holiday or double weekend but feel free to report to them, too if you want to. Let's make sure our league gets the exposure and the respect it deserves. Report scores and stats in a timely, accurate manner. It is a good idea for both managers to go over the home book at the end of a game to see if you agree. What seems to create the most problem is having the correct at bats when a team uses its bench. Make sure your players get the proper information filed on their behalf.

April 25, 2007 - Message from Dave Thom, HTUA Co Umpire Coordinator:
This season Rich and I are adopting the procedures that both High School and Collegiate teams use when games are either cancelled or the start time is moved back. On game days when there is a cancellation for any reason or you are moving the start time the home team will be responsible for communicating with the assigned officials. This must be done no later than 2 and a half hours prior to the scheduled start time.

This change will reduce the confusion on those days when we experience rain that results in the greater part of the games being played that day being either cancelled or moved back. Rich or I will also need to be notified at some point of the change. If the game is cancelled we will do the rescheduling of umpires. If the start time of a game is moved back and the umpire(s) are not available Rich and I will help find an available umpire as our schedules permit.

If you have any questions about these changes please contact me.

Good Luck this season,

February 18, 2007 noon at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee

The Home Talent Executive Board met prior to the annual meeting. The meeting was called to order at noon by HTL President Pat Reilly. Present were Kent Adler, Scott Knorr, Don Biwer and Clarence Buss. Umpire co-coordinator Rich Fronheiser joined the meeting at 12:15. The board was asked to clarify the number of innings that must by played when teams schedule double headers prior to the start of the season as part of the regular schedule. The board determined the games must be nine innings with the 10 run rule after seven. For double headers that are scheduled for make-up purposes because of rain-outs or unusual circumstances, the games can be seven innings if they have no play-off implications and both teams agree. The board reaffirmed that games that are rained out or postponed must be rescheduled within two weeks. Teams are to contact the umpire coordinators, their sectional representative and the league president
with the make-up date. Games do not have to be played within two weeks but must be rescheduled. In the case of ejections during a game, umpires are to file a report
with the umpire coordinators within 24 hours. The umpire coordinators will then contact the president and executive board with the report and their recommendations. The report of the umpires will be heavily considered when deciding if further suspension or fines are in order. The board reviewed the slide rule. It was determined that if a player slides and can reach the base it is a legal slide. There can be no malicious contact.

The board reviewed night league make-ups. To be eligible for post-season play-offs, games must be made up by the last game of the season. If the last scheduled game is rained out or postponed, it must be made up during the week before play-offs start. The board discussed umpire availability and shortages with Rich Fronheiser. They agreed to a slight salary adjustment and will consider a request to evaluate and hire the coordinators by January 1.


The meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee by president Pat Reilly. Motion by Stoughton, second by Verona to approve the minutes of the 2006
Annual Meeing. Motion passed. The board recommended that Dave Thom and Rich Fronheiser be rehired as Umpire Coordinators. Motion by Cottage Grove, second by Middleton to approve. Motion passed.

Pat Reilly spoke on behalf of the Western Section asking that the coordinators work to make sure there are two umpires at every game. Cross Plains asked how pay is determined for substitute umpires working a suspended make-up game prior to the regularly sceduled game. Fronheiser explained the procedure.

Kent Adler gave the treasurer's report which was accepted.

Jon Frey reminded managers to keep him updated on managerial changes and anything that needs to be put on the web site.

Pat Reilly made the following announcements:
-the designated hitter can be re-entered once. If the player the dh is batting for enters the game, the dh is done.
-the HTL slide rule was clarified. A sliding player must avoid malicious contact but the slide will be legal if the player can reach the base when he slides.
-Double headers as part of the regular schedule must be nine innings.
-Dates for rain-outs or postponed games must be on the schedule within two weeks of the postponement.
-Night League make-ups must be completed by the last game of the season. If the last game is rained out, it must be played during the week prior to play-offs. Teams with games not made up are not eligible for post season play.
-Night League members who are not Sunday League members must pay $100 as their Night League dues.
-Dates for the 2007 National Baseball Congress Tournament are: Friday July 13, 6:30 and 8:30 at Sauk and Middleton Saturday, July 14, 10:30, 12:30, 2:30 and 5:30 at Sauk and Middleton Saturday, July 21 at Sauk City, 10:30, 12:30 and 4:30. NBC World Series at Wichita, KA, July 28-August 12

2007 Sectional Meetings Schedule April 14
Meetings will be at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee

Board Meeting Minutes

The Home Talent Executive Board met Saturday, January 6, 2007 at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee. Present were Pat Reilly, Kent Adler, Scott Knorr, Clarence Buss and Jerry Murphy. The board discussed a proposal from the Home Talent Umpire Coordinators for a pay adjustment for 2007. After discussion the board voted unanimously to keep the compensation the same for 2007 and open negotiations next year. The board discussed dates for the annual meeting. It was decided to hold the 2007 annual meeting on Sunday, February 18 at 1 p. m. at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee. It is planned to have the schedules ready to present at the meeting. Teams have until March 1 to make changes. All special dates need to be to the schedule makers by February 5. The following are in charge of scheduling for their section: West-Pat Reilly Southeast-Don Biwer and Jim Winter East-Scott Knorr North-Kent Adler The Night League alignment was presented and approved. The alignment will be:

Western Section NL
Wisconsin Dells
Richland Center
Sauk Prairie Twins
Black Earth
Cross Plains


Central Section NL
Sun Prairie
Cottage Grove

Southern Section NL
North Division

Pine Bluff
New Glarus
South Division

East Section NL
Fort Atkinson
Lake Mills

Play-offs for Night League will be semifinals-August 16 and finals-August 23.

It was also decided to raise the fee for Night League participation for teams not in the Sunday League to $100.00. The fee for Sunday members remains at $50.00. It was also decided if Night League games are not made up within two weeks, the host team will not be eligible for play-offs Night League special dates should be sent to: Pat Reilly-West and South, Matt Towns-East, Kent Adler-Central

The four sections will meet to pay fees, turn in player cards and rosters and pick up baseballs on Saturday, April 14 at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee. The sections will meet at the following times: North-10 a.m. East-10:30 a.m. Southeast-11 a.m. West-11:30 a.m.

The board heard a request from Monroe to be able to use players on the Monroe Legion Team with Orangeville, IL addresses. The request was denied. The board discussed Baraboo's status after being suspended last season. It was decided to have a five year suspension period and they will be put on a waiting list after that. The board received a request for league membership from Belleville. It was decided to add them to the waiting list and encourage them to play some exhibition games with area league teams. The board will meet at noon prior to the annual meeting.

Brett Magritz

JEFFERSON - Brett C. Magritz, 24, of Jefferson, passed away on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007, as a result of an automobile accident. He was born on Oct. 14, 1982, in Fort Atkinson, son of Steve and Deb (Hirschfeld) Magritz. Brett was a 2001 graduate of Jefferson High School and a 2005 graduate of Viterbo University in La Crosse with a bachelor's degree in business management. He was a member of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jefferson. Brett loved playing baseball, and played on the high school and college teams. He was the catcher for the

Jefferson Blue Devils baseball team. He is survived by his parents, Deb and Steve Magritz of Jefferson; his paternal grandmother, Ruth Magritz of Jefferson; two brothers, Adam (Kelly) Magritz of Fort Atkinson and Kyle Magritz of Jefferson. Brett was especially proud of his nephew, Kammeron, and was honored to be Kammeron's godfather. He was preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Helen and Frederick Hirschfeld, and his paternal grandfather, Harold Magritz. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 23, at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jefferson, with the Rev. Mark O. Bartsch officiating. Burial will be in the Ward Cemetery. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. on Sunday at the Schneider-Michaelis Funeral Home in Jefferson and then again on Monday at the church from 10 a.m. until the time of services.

January 7, 2006 HTL Executive Board Meeting was held at Rex's
Innkeeper, Waunakee and started at 10 a.m. Present were Pat Reilly, Scott Knorr, Kent Adler, Clarence Buss, Don Biwer and Jerry Murphy.

Dave Thom and Rich Fronheiser were present to ask for funding to obtain The Arbiter – www.thearbiter.net package which would be a big help in scheduling umpires. The program would allow umpires to manage their availability better and keep everyone informed if changes need to be made. It would also be a base where the Official League Schedule could be kept and updated. Motion by Adler, second Knorr to lease the Arbiter for 2006 and make it the official place for the official master league schedule. Motion passed. Kent mentioned that the use of the umpire website and email saved the league $1000 last year. It was agreed that the umpire coordinator salary will remain the same for 2006. Umpires will receive $70 per game for the next two seasons.

The following were discussed with Dave and Rich by the HTL Board:
-There is need for more communication from managers as to games being cancelled and rescheduled.
-To allow for the umpire coordinators to set up a workable assignment roster for games, the schedules will be presented to them by March 1. -MANAGERS MUST PUT FIRST NAMES OF PLAYERS ON THE LINE-UP CARDS.
-The home manager should make sure the scorebook is signed. If it is not signed by the official meeting at home plate the book should be presented at that time for signing.

The HTL Executive Board set the Annual Meeting for Sunday, February 26
at 1 p.m. at Rex's InnKeeper, Waunakee. Schedules will be presented at
that time.

Rooney Janacke and Lon Scheuerell appeared before the Board as
representatives of the Monroe Brewers. They asked the Monroe franchise
be reinstated in the Western Section in 2006. The Board granted the

The Board agreed that Baraboo will be suspended for 2006 and future status of Baraboo being reinstated will be reviewed by the Board. That action created a vacancy in the Northern Section. The Northern Section had indicated to Kent Adler they would like to see Richland Center return to the Northern Section for the 2006 season.

The Official Baseball for 2006 with be the PRO NINE NHFS. Cost will be
$32.00 per dozen.

The Board will have the slide rule clarified by the start of the season.

The Board determined the league fees to be: -$150 for dues -$70 per umpire per game -$32 per dozen for baseballs -$45 for Night League membership -$5 per player card up to 25. $10 per card if team has 25 players and removes someone from roster. The Roster and Card Turn-In meeting along with baseball pickup will be Saturday, April 22 at REX'S. The meeting times will be: NORTH-10 a.m. EAST-10:45 a.m. SOUTHEAST-11:30 a.m. WEST-12:15 p.m.

Minutes of the December 3, 2005 Home Talent League Executive Committee meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by Pat Reilly, HTL President. Present were Pat Reilly, Kent Adler, Scott Knorr and Jerry Murphy. Excused were Clarence Buss and Don Biwer.

The Committee met with Dave Thom and Rick Fronheiser, the 2005 Umpire Coordinators, regarding how the season went from both the league and umpire perspective. Three different situations concerning umpire scheduling problems were discussed. Dave Thom said the first month was the hardest with confusion about the change-over and the availability sheets already sent out. No one was sure who was working early. The creation of the Home Talent Umpires website was a lot of work but seem to save money and cut down the confusion. Dave and Rich said they are planning an umpire clinic for HTL umpires at which they could also obtain WIAA credit. The Board discussed rule differences with WIAA, NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, MLB and HTL. Dave will prepare information concerning the differences. The Board also discussed interpretation of the league slide rule. Kent Adler moved, Jerry Murphy second to recommend Dave Thom and Rich Fronheiser serve as coordinators for the 2006 season with a review November 1, 2006. Motion passed.

Juan Guerro was present representing Columbus which has requested reactivation for the 2006 season. Juan said he presently has 16 players committed for the season and finances are falling into place. The Board determined that Cambria will be inactive per their request for the 2006 season and that Baraboo will not be allowed to play in 2006 due to forfeits and the use of illegal players. After discussion Columbus was placed in the Eastern Section.

The Board then met with the Southeast Section concerning boundary determination. The Section wanted to clarify their feelings about the status of Beloit as to how it relates to the Section and how it relates to eligible players. It was determined that Beloit had been a legal area years ago when teams such as Lake Geneva, Delavan, Orangeville, IL and Lena, IL had active franchises. Since then the geographical boundaries of the HTL have changed. Orfordville manager Jan Toubl said he felt taking Beloit out of the eligibility area would be the end of the Orfordville franchise. He referred to a meeting when Orfordville was in the Western Section held by the Executive Committee, saying he felt that because Beloit was an eligible area then, it should still be. After discussion Jim Winter moved, Matt Towns second that the City if Beloit and the school districts of Beloit be off limites and thst the boundaries be six miles or the school districts and the HTL grey area be the drawing area for legal players. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned until January 7, 2006

February 21, 2004 - HTL 2004 Infromation


The Home Talent Executive Board met on Saturday, February 21 at 10 a.m. at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee.

The agenda included:

Application from Wisconsin Dells for a franchise
Review requests from Lake Mills and Deerfield
Meet with Tim McIntyre for 2004 umpire considerations
Finalize agenda for 2004 organizational meetings
Discuss play-offs and alignment
Discuss player eligibility request
Vendor requests to attend meetings with merchandise
Any other business before the board

If anyone has anything they would like discussed, contact one of the board members.


The Home Talent League Executive Board met Saturday, January 17, at Rex's Innkeper, Waunakee. Present were Pat Reilly (president), Kent Adler (treasurer), Don Biwer (Director), Davy Tomlinson, Jason Pertzborn, Jim Hellenbrand, representatives from Lake Mills and Deerfield. Lake Mills representatives appeared to request league membership for the 2004 season. Pat Reilly will check with them prior to next meeting to see how their finances are coming. Deerfield requested reactivation for the 2004 season. Rick Matheson will be involved in helping the people who want to be involved and an adult board of directors will get the finances, equipment, etc. Pat Reilly will check with them prior to the next meeting to see how their finances are coming. Reilly informed the directors that Columbus has requested inactive status for the 2004 season. Kent Adler presented the treasurer's report and noted the league about broke even this past year. He updated the board on teams not paid in full at this time. It was decided if teams are not paid in full by March 1, 2004 their franchise will be on review and may be pulled for the season. Teams not paid up may also have to pay in full prior to the season for that season if they wish to play. Kent suggested raising the entry fee to $150.00 (up from $145.00) to handle price increases in insurance, etc. A vote will be taken at the annual meeting. The board discussed the current play-offs after receiving some requests to shorten them, if possible. After a lengthy discussion the following proposals were offered:

1. To keep everything as is, starting the round robin August 29.

2. Put in extra rounds or doubleheaders in the sections so that the sectional championships are decided by August 15 (or the weekend after that if there are rainouts on the 15th). The round robin would start August 22. If three teams are tied after play Sunday of Labor Day weekend they will draw for a bye with two teams playing Monday and the winner playing the bye team the next Sunday.

Teams will vote on the proposals at the annual meeting.

The Board discussed some Night League issues and decided the following: -There will be no "2 for 1" games in Night League anymore, that is teams cannot play a game and have it count for both Night League and Sunday.

The board discussed make-up procedures. The following will be reaffirmed and followed: -Teams will have two weeks following a rainout or postponement to establish a make-up date. If the two teams cannot decide on the make-up date in two weeks the president and/or the board will pick the date. If either teams involved cannot play at their site(s) the Board will pick the site and the teams will split any costs.


The Annual Meeting that all teams must attend will be Sunday, March 7 at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee at 1 p.m. The Schedule Meeting will be held Sunday, March 28 at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee. The Sectional Meetings for card and roster turn-in will be Saturday, April 17 at Rex's Innkeeper. The times will be determined. Meetings will be set at one hour intervals


We have a partial shipment of baseballs ready to be purchased for league play. They will be available for purchase at the annual meeting. Teams wanting to request a certain amount should contact Pat or Kent prior to the March 7 meeting. The complete shipment will be here by the end of March.


The Wisconsin State National Baseball Congress Tournament will have a new look this season. Games will be played at Warner Park at The Duck Pond and the tournament will be under the direction of the Madison Mallards. There will be 16 teams making up the field. Games will be played July 8-9 with the finals July 16. Teams will have access to the locker rooms. There will be promotions, etc., making it a real tournament atmosphere. Entry fee is $175.00 unless teams come through district tournaments. Contact the Mallards office for details.

October 3, 2003 - League Updates

The annual awards banquet has been moved to Sunday, October 26 at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee. Cocktails at 5:30, dinner at 6:30, awards to follow. Contact Kent Adler or Pay Reilly for tickets. Tickets are $13.00 each with each team getting two which were paid with your dues. Make reservations by October 22.

Night League
Teams please send Pat Reilly your night league hitting leaders. Count league games only and average two at bats. Send by October 10.

July 21, 2003 - Legion & Madison Moo Players

If a Legion player plays for your team, he cannot play during the Legion tournament series until his team is eliminated. A letter of understanding should be filed when the season starts next year. Information will be posted on the web page.

Madison Moo players cannot play with a Home Talent team and the Moo at the same time. Even though they are independent, they play a schedule and are an organized team and play competition similar than Home Talent. According to their web page they intend to seek Wisconsin State League affiliation next year.

June 8, 2003 - HTL Web Site Stats

May 4, 2003


The Home Talent Baseball League opens its 75th season this week with 22 games involving 44 teams in four sections. The season is dedicated to the late Clem Ziegler who passed away prior to the organization of this historic season. Clem, a longtime player, manager and business manager at Ashton, served the HTL for 50 years and was the league's first treasurer. Clem was very dedicated to amateur baseball. He served as a membef of the HTL executive board, was commissioner for awhile then treasurer. Clem will be remembered as a very honest, dedicated, hard working man. He was a friend to many and will be deeply and sorely missed.

Notice to Managers

Home teams are responsible for reporting the results of your games to the Wisconsin State Journal immediately after the game. If games are not reported fines will be levied. The number(s) to call are 1-800-686-1339 or 608-252-6165. Home team managers are also responsible for sending or emailing the box scores to League Statistician Jerry Murphy. Stamped envelopes are provided as are box score sheets. Murph's email is mjmurph@chorus.net.
Managers remember to market our web site on your schedules, posters, etc.

March 8, 2003

2002 season info moved to History page

HTL Web Site Statistics

February 18, 2003 - Home Talent Baseball League to organize for 75th season

The Home Talent Baseball League 2003 organizational meeting will be Sunday, March 9 at 1 p.m. at Monona's Village Lanes.

Every team wanting to play in the HTL this season MUST be REPRESENTED. Teams not represented will be placed on inactive status and not included in the league schedule. An agenda will be available prior to the meeting.

The Home Talent League managers will get together again Sunday, March 30 at 1 p.m. at Village Lanes for the schedule meetings. Sectional meetings for card and roster turn-in will be set at one of these two meetings.

Commorative Items Available

Teams and individuals will be able to purchase commorative bats with a 75th Anniversary Logo. They will be $35.00 each and are made out of pro ash. The bats can be purchased as a collector's item, for game use or both. The bats are being manufactured by Wagner Bats of Appleton, WI. Lengths are 32-32-34 and colors are navy, red, black, natural or a combination. Other colors and lengths may be available if requested.

Contact league president Pat Reilly or any manager to order.
There will be a 75th Anniversary logo cap available for $14.00 each and team names can be added for $2.00 each. A minimum order of 144 must be placed. Contact Pat Reilly or any manager to order. Caps are a stretch-fit navy with the embroidery red and white.
There will also be commorative t-shirts and polo shirts available. There may also be a 75th Anniversary patch.

League book

Plans are to publish the league directory this year in a larger format. Managers are asked to submit a one-page history or write-up on their team that will be used in the book. The book will also include a directory of managers and officials, umpires, schedule and the constitution. Information requests have been sent to the managers and MUST be turned in by the annual meeting.

Board to meet February 22

The Home Talent League Executive Board will meet Saturday, February 22 at 10:30 a.m.. The meeting will be at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee. The thrust of the meeting will be to finalize the schedule proposals, prepare the agenda and continue planning for the 75th Anniversary.

There will also be discussion on filling the vacancy left by the untimely death of Clem Ziegler.

Anyone wanting to attend the meeting should contact Pat Reilly to be put on the agenda.

Highlights from the January 25 Executive Board meeting

1. Met with Tim McIntyre to discuss recent problems he has encountered.

2. Discussed the NCAA, NIAA, NJCAA and WIAA positions on player eligibilty and will attempt to have documentation available from each to distrubute at the annual meeting.

3. Heard from Jan Toubl, Jeff Hilleshiem and some other managers about schedule ideas for both regular season and play-offs. Will meet with them again February 22.

4. Settled boundary issues for player eligibility for Orfordville on a concern by Wiota.

January 30, 2003 - Clem Ziegler

The Home Talent Baseball League was saddened Wednesday, January 29 when long-time executive board member and league treasurer Clem Ziegler died at a Madison hospital. Clem was taken by ambulance and admitted late Tuesday with an apparent heart attack. He later developed complications during treatment and died Wednesday around noon.

Please join us all in offering sympathy to Clem's survivors. He was a friend to all of us and he will be greatly missed.

Clem was part of Home Talent Baseball for 50 years, starting as a player and business manager at age 16. He has held the positions of commissioner, treasurer and sectional representative.


January 23, 2003 - Home Talent 75th Season Planning Starts

The Home Talent League Executive Board will begin planning for the historic 75th Anniversary Season of Home Talent Baseball with a meeting this Saturday, January 25 at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee.

The meeting will start at 10 a.m. The board will meet with Umpire
Coordinator Tim McIntyre about some issues then will meet with Orfordville and Wiota to settle a protest and work out boundary agreements. The rest of the meeting will involve planning for the season. The board will discuss the schedule for this season and review how NCAA rules impact the beginning and ending of the season and play-offs.

Managers wanting input should call a board member or notify Pat Reilly they want to address the board on this or any matter.The rest of the meeting will be spent reviewing results of the wood bat survey and planning how to promote the 75th anniversary. The annual meeting and schedule dates will be set.

Managers will be receiving packets next week with information concerning the season, the 75 anniversary and other information. There will be order forms for a special commerative bat and commerative caps and shirts. There will be information for the league schedule and directory. Each team will be asked to provide a short history and/or information about your club. Plans are for the schedule/directory book to be published this year along with the
histories and a copy of the constitution.

Anyone wanting to address the board is welcome but is encouraged to call to get on the agenda. Anyone with questons or comments they want relayed should contact Pat Reilly.

August 25, 2002 - League Notes


We need people to serve on the realignment committee. It is anticipated that there will be requests from a few teams to join the Home Talent baseball league. If this happens we need representatives from each section to help determine the best course of action. The committee will meet with those requesting a franchise then recommend to the board if they feel the requestors will field a strong franchise, where they would fit and who would be candidates to be moved to a different section.
Contact Pat Reilly at htlpres@hotmail.com or phone 608-935-2331 days or 935-2508 evenings to volunteer or with questions. Existing committee members will serve if they want to and volunteers will be added.


The Home Talent League still needs some people to serve on the 75th anniversary committee. Members at present are the executive board, Jerry Murphy, Jay Thompson, Jon Frey and Scott Knorr. If interested contact Pat Reilly at the above email or numbers.


The annual Awards Banquet will be October 6 at the Innkeeper, Waunakee. Cocktails 5-6 p.m., dinner at 6, program to follow. Each team has two tickets but must contact Clem Ziegler to obtain them. Additional tickets are available at a charge. Mark that date on your planner. If the play-offs are not done in time the banquet will be moved to October 20.


Pat needs all Night League teams to send their leading hitters ASAP. Teams should send their final Night League records to Jon Frey.


Pat also needs nominations for the various awards. If you have someone in mind, let him know soon. The executive board will meet to make final selections soon.


The four teams that win this weekend and enter the round robin championship series will be guests of the league Wednesday, August 28 at Fitzgerald's in Middleton. Cocktails 6-6:30, meeting at 6:30 and dinner at 7 p.m. This meeting is held to set up the play-off procedure, so everyone operates the same.

August 10, 2002 - League Notes

Night League teams are asked to send their leading hitter(s) to President Pat Reilly by August 25. Only regular season games are to be considered. Minimum of 20 at bats. Trophies will be awarded the top hitter in each Night League section at the annual banquet.

Post season awards...
If you have nominations for them, please contact a member of the executive committee. Awards include Manager(s) of the year, Joe Dommershausen Award, Cloyence Zweifel Award, Dennis Morgan Award, Kendall Murray Award, Jim Peterson Award.

Morgan award is for courage, Murray award is for pitching, Dommershausen award is for service to the league and usually is media related, Peterson award is for service as a manager or team official. Zweifel award is for service and goes to someone who does something extra for Home Talent baseball.

The executive committee will be meeting soon to consider the nominations. Please make nominations by September 25.


August 8, 2002 -- News from Pat Reilly, President


75th Anniversary of Home Talent update

So far the 75th committee consists of Pat Reilly, Jerry Murphy, Jay Thompson and the executive board. If you want to help, please contact Pat Reilly right away. A meeting will be scheduled during the play-offs.

Do you have memorabilia from past Home Talent seasons? Would you be willing to have it displayed at the annual meeting and perhaps during the year? Bats, balls, gloves, uniforms, scorecards, photos, etc. would be nice to have on display. Some of that could be included in a memorial pamphlet or book that will be published. Contact Pat Reilly with what you have available. Everything will be returned.

Jerry Murphy honored

League statistician Jerry Murphy will be enshrined in the Madison Bowling Association Hall of Fame on Thursday, July 15. Contact Jerry if you want information on tickets. Congratulations are in order.


July 1, 2002 -- News from Pat Reilly, President


Teams are reminded to pay all remaining fees by July 10. Send money to Clem Ziegler. Teams not paid up or have not made arrangements to pay by that date will be considered delinquent and will not have umpires assigned.

Volunteers are needed to help plan for the HTL's 75th anniversary in 2003. Call or email HTL President Pat Reilly to volunteer. Please volunteer by July 15.

Call in your games the day/night they are played to the Wisconsin State Journal. 1-800-686-1339 or 608-252-6165. Sunday games be called in by 5:45 p.m. Late call-ins could result in a fine.

Send you box score sheets to Jerry Murphy in the postage paid envelopes no later than the day after the game. You can email them to him at stats@hometalent.org.

Email your Night League results to webmaster@hometalent.org. Standings will be updated by Jon Frey. Call your Night League games in the night they are played to the paper.

Special Night League Rule

The use of an extra hitter is allowed in Night League play. All the position players can bat along with the extra hitter, giving you the opportunity to bat 10 players.

Non-league Night League member...
Baraboo River Dogs
Jim Horman-General Manager
1026 6th Street
Baraboo, WI 53913


February 16, 2002 -- Bat Committee and Executive Board


The Bat Committee and Executive Board met Saturday, February 16 at Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee. Present were Pat Reilly, Kent Adler, Clem Ziegler and Clarence Buss of the board and bat committee members Davy Tomlinson and Jeff Armstrong. (Reilly and Adler are also on the committee).

Bat Committee met first. Badger Sporting Goods will carry the Rawlings bats, same models as last year, for the same price. Samples will be available at the annual meeting for teams to see. They can order there and the order will be forwarded to Badger.

Hoosier bats will supply the league again but teams must contact them and place their own orders.

Baum bats will be legal for the year and can be ordered from the company direct. The best deal is for six so teams should consider combining orders.

The only criteria for legality of wood is that they must be adopted by NHFS, NCAA and some level of professional baseball.

Composite bats again are legal. Maple bats are legal.

Teams can get bats from any source. Remember, the key word is "WOOD"

The executive committee reviewed baseball proposals and voted to stay with the same ball--Dynaflite 855.

Ed Liegel was present to request a franchise for Plain. Plain had been in the league previously in the 1970's. He was given an update of league expectations and felt the financial obligations will be met. The committee voted to recommend to the membership that Plain may have an active framchise.

The board discussed Deerfield's two forfeits from last year and Pat Reilly will contact them with a series of questions pertaining to their future.

The play-off procedure was discussed as several teams had expressed interest in finding a way to shorten them. Some of the media also asked it to be addressed as football and high school coverage makes space at that time of the year hard to guarantee.

The committee voted to have the play-offs remain the same this year but asks managers, etc. with ideas/proposals to submit them in writing to the League President and they will be addressed for the 2003 season.

Umpire coordinator Tim McIntyre said in discussion with staff that they would like to see payment go to $60 per umpire per game in 2002. The committee said they would like to see a three-year lock on that amount. They will address a change in compensation for rain-outs where umpires drive to a site and for games that are rained out prior to reaching the required number of innings for completion and must be replayed.

The annual meeting will be Sunday, March 10 at Monona's Village Lanes. The schedule meeting will be Sunday, April 7 at the same place. Sectional meetings for card/roster turn-in will be set at one of those meetings.

Pat Reilly asked the committee to think about promotions, etc. that can take place for the 2003 season, which will be the league's 75th year.


March 25, 2001 -- League Organizational Meeting

Dan Strause is writing a book on the history of the league to be published sometime in 2003 season for the league's 75th anniversary.  He is looking for stories, legends, team history, memorable games, etc. He needs each team's information. For more info click here.


Schedules were passed out and reviewed.


Bat orders were taken.


March 23, 2001 -- The Capital Times Bat article

PDF file size: 600KB

Need a PDF viewer to read (ex. Adobe Acrobat)


March 4, 2001 -- League Organizational Meeting

At the annual HT League meeting in Monona at the Village Lanes, Cambridge was voted in as a new team to the league.  The total of teams in the league is 44.  


The realignment committee presented a suggested realignment proposal to the league and it passed, click here for 2001 season alignment.  


Also in new business the league voted to use only wood bats for the 2001 season.  The motion passed by almost a 2 to 1 margin.


January 15, 2001 -- Web Page Created


November 5, 2000 -- Realignment Committee Meets


March 5, 2000 -- New Teams in Home Talent League

At the annual HT League meeting Columbus and Deforest were voted in as new teams to the league.  


March 5, 2000 -- Commemorative 2000 Year Patch

The HT League players will wear a patch celebrating the new millennium on their uniforms.  Marshall's Jon Frey had the idea and design for the patch.